The future leaders of this country have come together to put a positive spin on this pandemic. Through life’s experiences, we have realised that we need to come together and take a stand against HIV/AIDS. We want to fight / change the stigma of HIV/AIDS and TB, through collecting and telling Good Stories, HIV/AIDS and TB Good Stories. Prove that HIV/AIDS and TB is not the end, it’s not a death sentence and the proof is in the Good Stories from normal people like you and I.

Tired of reading and seeing all the negative, depressing aspects of HIV/AIDS and TB, it’s about time we get the positive side of pandemic to the media and let the whole world know that there are thousands of “successful, amazing, good stories” out there – normal people living normal lives with the virus, they still have families and careers. They are in control of the virus and not allowing it to affect their lives negatively – Positive and living positively.

Through documenting & sharing these Good Stories, we can change mind-sets, give people hope; prove that HIV/AIDS and TB is not the end. Prove that there’s life after that blood test. Fact of the matter is that the biggest killer is not the virus itself, but your psyche, your state of mind. Which is driven by what you see around you, in your community and the media.

Join us for #GoodStoriesSessions this year in association with Good Stories.

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